Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mominette's Burger In Bushwick Hit The Spot

Mominette - Bushwick
221 Knickerbocker Ave., Brooklyn, NY

Bound by Birthday law to meet a friend at a bar in Bushwick and famished by 9 p.m., I hunted for the closest place for take-out. Post-work plans had delayed dinner, and the birthday bar served no food. It was raining. I wanted to hurry back to the festivities. But then I found an optimist option just a block from the birthday festivities.

Once inside Mominette, however, I decided to just stay and eat before walking back down the block to the birthday celebration--engaged right away by a talkative bar tender and drawn in by the French bistro atmosphere.

Tempted by the duck hash confit, I opted for the burger after the bartender's note that it contains more food. Mominette serves a no muss, no fuss burger served on a wooden slab next to a lightly-dressed kale salad. Aside from the knife piercing through the top, the burger comes unadorned, allowing the meal to stand on its merits. One bite into a pink center revealed that the patty was prepared exactly the way I asked for it. It was juicy but didn't fall apart. The one fault I would take with the meal was a lack of crisp on the thin fries. However, the restaurant felt like a fortuitous oasis in a relatively sparse area of Brooklyn.

Next time I want to try that duck hash confit. However, the bartender mentioned opening the back garden for the summer, hiring a shucker, and selling dollar oysters in the sun. If that comes to pass, the hash may have to wait. 

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